This is my passion. Gundam. First of all, my name is Akoxix. I’m a novice blogger and a Gundam Builder (Gunpla). I started this building hobby two years ago and I am still a novice at this. Yup, lots to learn. Recently, my heart opened itself to this blogging stuff. Seriously, long time ago, I thought Blogging is for a very enthusiastic person only but that has changed. anyway, right now my goal is to have a Blog about anything I like and spread to any Blog Website there is. I know it’s a long shot, but hey, we gotta have some goal ,right?

I’m still a student, medical student at that one too. Yes, typically student like me must be busy with the lectures, the practical and most importantly, the patients in hospital. So, Blogging is a way to relieve my stress and always a chance to relax and surfing the internet. haha!! XDXD,.. Sadly, I can’t do the same with my Gunpla hobby because that’s time consuming and I don’t have a lot of time unless it’s holiday.

Lastly, enjoy my blog and please, do comment if you have any thought. See ya!!


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