Fate/Kaleid Prisma Illya “where elementary student fights monster =_+'”


Have you ever imagined that you would become a magical person and save the world?? This anime is basically it, except for the details. This anime was introduced to me by my friend who happened to be the most enigmatic about anime than I am. First, he asked me, “Fizi (that’s my name), have you ever watch Fate/Zero???”. I said “not yet. Why?? “ then come the silent. And he gave me this. Fate/kaleid PRISMA Ilya.


The story focuses on Ilyasviel von Einzbern aka Ilya, who is just an elementary student that loves magical girl so much. In fact, she dreamed about it someday. That wish come true when a magical stick named Ruby came flying through her bathroom’s window and somehow forced Ilya to make a contract with it. thus, becoming a true magical girl. How that stick flied there, you may asked?? Well, prior to this, two girls named Tohsaka Rin and Luvia came to Japan with Ruby and Sapphire(yes, Sapphire is also one of the magical stick) to collect what they called Class Card. These two are not in a very good terms and always fighting. One night, they fighting seriously using the stick’s power until, Ruby and Sapphire are sick with their behavior and ended their contract.

Rin managed to find Ruby only to discover that Ruby already have a new master. Rin explained the situation to Ilya and being an elementary student, she doesn’t understand most of it. haha!! But, Ilya is happy that her dream finally come true. That soon will change.

Then, come the first battle. Ilya was terrified because no one told her that she would risk her life for this. And the enemy was so strong……… and familiar. It looked like Rider from Fate/Stay Night but I could be wrong. The fight ended but it wasn’t Ilya who finished it. it was Miyu Edenfelt aka Miyu, another Magical girl and her hand held Sapphire. And the monster turned into Class Card named…. Rider. I checked the anime’s wiki. YUP, I was right!!! This anime was a spin-off from a popular anime, Fate/Stay Night. No wonder the monster look the same. Even, the characters looked familiar. This should be interesting.  


Now, let’s talk about Miyu. Miyu is a quiet girl, very opposite to Ilya and she is highly intelligent, better than Ilya. But, due to these, she didn’t managed to get any friends. Until Ilya comes to her life. Miyu works for Luvia in exchange for shelter, food and a place where she belongs. Yup, Miyu is way matured than Ilya. These two, Ilya and Miyu worked together to gather the Class Card. Until they met Saber.


Saber have the same appearance (if you watched Fate/Stay Night) but with a black visor and dark aura surrounding her. Ilya, Miyu, Luvia and Rin almost died fighting Saber until somehow a chain in Ilya’s heart is unlocked due to the stress that Ilya is having. Suddenly, Ilya become so powerful and skillfully fights Saber. She managed to defeat Saber but she don’t remember any of it. only the audience which is Miyu saw what happened.  Later in the series, Ilya finally realized what power she have when defeating Assassin Class Card but a cost. She almost got her friends killed. Miyu (being a jerk!)told Ilya that she does not want to work with her anymore.

Ilya was so devastated by the statement that she finally signing off being a magical girl, leaving Miyu fighting alone collecting the remaining cards. Unexpectedly, Ilya’s mother come home from a long traveling only to found Ilya troubled. Her mother convinced Ilya that Miyu only want Ilya to be safe and not hurting herself. Although, her method is rather unsual but Miyu meant well.  Resolved, Ilya run towards Miyu who is now fighting Berserker Class Card.

Berserker who have a magnificent strength and regenerative ability proved to be a huge problem for Miyu. Although she tried to mimicked Ilya’s usage of the card (during Saber incident), but the result was disappointing. During Miyu final moment, Ilya managed to save her. She insisted that she want to be friend with Miyu no matter what. Miyu was touched by this and they work together. Their final attack was rather cheesy but cool.


Anyhow, the team finally gathered all Class Card but the series don’t end there. In the final minute in the last episode, it’s revealed that a second season is already on production. The second season will mainly focuses on Ilya’s dark side, Kuroe von Einzbern. All I know is that this mysterious girl want killed Ilya for some reason. Also, according to the manga there are other characters that will show themselves in the next season.


In my opinion, the series was cute. Too cute, initially. Then, it turned serious towards the end. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel really ridiculous. Can you imagine, an elementary school girl fighting monsters and talked about maturity all of the sudden?? Nevertheless, the storyline is really good!! The Fate/Stay Night creator deliver it perfectly once again. I’ll wait for the second season. Maybe three. Haha!!


Until next time, see yaXDXD



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