The Mentalist: S06E09 I love Patrick Jane’s terms!!!


This week’s episode was quite relax for me. Nothing major happened as Patrick Jane finally accomplished his personal goal.  Right now, he live in South American ( I think, because he speak Spanish) and quite lovable by the locals. The kids love his magic work, the worker at postal office admired him except for his Spanish language, which is awful. He always eat breakfast at local bar. The bartender know his type too. Scrambled egg and tea with milk. Looks to me, Jane already settled with his life and should I say, move on.

The team also move on with their life. Lisbon right now works as a chief of Police in local area. Van Pelt and Rigsby built an internet security company and quite successful with it. Van Pelt became quite sexy and beautiful than last time. I guessed two years period can change people that much. On the other hand, Cho become an FBI Agent due to his skill and discipline.

Let’s move on to the fun parts. Agent Abbott locates Jane, finally. He got the clues on how to find Jane based on a seashell that Jane gave to Lisbon as present. Meanwhile, Jane found himself a girl from the state. The girl was reading at the same bar and seating beside Jane’s table. Jane says hi and get acquainted. Jane said that he miss speaking English in this place. Jane didn’t lie when then girl asked why he settled here but saying some general stuff that only the viewers can know. The girl finally revealed her name. Kim (Emily Swallow). Yeah, her and Abbott will replace Van Pelt and Rigsby (T_T). Jane earned himself a date after two years without peace.

Gaining info from his pal at a hotel where Abbott stayed, Jane confronted him. Abbott wants to offered him a job. With FBI. Which he quickly declined. At the same time, Jane learned that a cartel led by Danny Otero (Juan Gabriel Pareja) want to strike a drug deal with a Vietnamese cartel. after a very long thinking and some advice from Kim, he accepted the job offer. With his terms that Abbott and he agreed. On the next day, he cleverly caught the illegal deal with the help of FBI without them knowing it.

Back at the state, with Lisbon arrived, Jane want his terms to be honored or he will leave out the deal. Even though Abbott threaten him with a detention suit, he doesn’t care as long as his terms are honored. There, he finally realized that the girl Kim he met earlier was actually an FBI Agent working with Abbott. He surprised but he kept his cool. Lisbon was confused nonetheless. Haha!! But, do you know the term’s content?? Here are a few of them:

1)      ‘Must work directly with Teressa Lisbon’.

2)      ‘All criminal charges will be dropped’.

3)      ‘Transportation must be provided,  in the form of air-stream trailer model number LVB- 70H’.

4)      ‘Adequate supply of tea must be available at all times. Twining English or Scottish Breakfast, no other brands acceptable’.

5)      ‘A workplace to my specification will be provided. Couch included’.

6)      ‘In addition to salary, all expenses of employment including but not limited to travel meals, books and all incidental to be paid for by FBI’.

He is amazing!!! The terms are awesome!! Haha.. until next time.. see ya!!




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