30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, This is Sex Education!!!!!


Yeah, this anime is not exactly an anime. 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku or its alternate title, “A Thirty-Year Old’s Health and Physical Education” is an educational TV Show that focuses on people who are 30 years old and haven’t got any sex yet. Haha!! Let’s begins..

Unlike western culture, romance and sex are a very complicated issue in eastern culture. In Japan, although famous in hentai or in adult industry, the people are shy toward each other individually. So, mostly they have low self-esteem when it comes to confessing love to their opposite. This anime teaches people on how to confess and then some sex education.


Each episode is surprisingly quite short. Each lasted roughly about 12 mins and there are 12 episodes in total. So, basically, you can finishes it in less than 6 hours.  The story are simple and hilarious. Here are some plots. The series centered around a 30 years old guy named Hayao Imagawa. In a night just minutes before his birthday, he was alone with Momoka. A sweet girl that Imagawa had falle in love. He determined to lose his virginity on the day of his birthday with Momoka. Just one problem though. Momoka was a DOLL!!!! Arghhhhhh!! Nightmare!!

Then, an unknown voice speak to him. “Even if you do it with a Dutch wife, you’re not losing your virginity”, he said. thus, the adventure begins. The voice belongs to Daigoro, God of Sex. He determined to help Imagawa loses his virginity or he can’t go back to Heaven. His sidekick aka little brother, Macaron often helped them. Daigoro and Macaron often give sex advice to Imagawa in order for him to get laid. This is where the humor kicks in. yup, without them, the series would be dull and somehow awkward.



Later in the series, Imagawa met a sweet and shy girl named Natsu Ando. Although, their first meeting was somehow awkward, Ando managed to open her heart to befriend Imagawa. Ando specialty was A.K. Field. She somehow learned this to keep men away from her. It’s very powerful and Imagawa often hurt by it. Ando also get some help from Goddess of Sex named Pi-Chan and Ku-chan. The voice acting for both of them were carried out by the same person, Eri Kitamura.

Apparently, these God of Sex known each other before the series even started. They attended the Heaven Academy together when they are young. Pi-chan always had some issues with Daigoro but then it resolved and Pi-chan somehow fall in love with him.

Throughout the series, thru multiple tips and advice about romance and sex, we can see Imagawa matured enough to asking Ando for date and for confession. Although Ando rejected him 2-3 times (yes, using AK FIELD), he was not going give up and later got the prize. The Gods are satisfied with the outcome and leaving them in hope for a better future. The finale episode managed to get cried inside.. (T_T)



Ando and Imagawa finally got married and granted a boy. Happy ending.. J the series is entertaining and educational at some point. I hope you guys have an opportunities to watch it.. until then, see ya XDXD


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